Mon, Oct 2, 2023

1 AM – 11 PM MDT (GMT-6)

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Take the Month of October. Pick 10 do the 10 in the 10th Month. Conquer 10 of the items below to receive a 10/10/10 Decathlon T-shirt. Pick up your T-shirt in M.C. 129 Nov 1-8. 

FITNESS (Choose 5-8) 
Attend 10 evening Fitness Classes in October 
Stadium Stairs: 10 ups in October 
Stair Stepper: 10 floors in October 
Pull-Ups: 10, 5 days a week in October 
Push-ups: 30, 5 days per week in October 
Burpees: 30, 5 days per week in October 
Wall Sit: 10 minutes per week in October 
Weight Training: 10 hours in October 
Treadmill: 10 Hours in October 

PLEASURE (Choose 1) 
Walk, Hike or Run: 10 hours in October 

MINDFULLNESS (Choose 3-5) 
Eliminate your VICE: 10 days in October 
Be asleep by 10 pm: 10 nights in October 
Scripture Study: 10 minutes each day in October 
Eat healthy meals: 10 times per week in October 
Meditate: 10 min 5 days each week in October 
Drink WATER: 10 cups each day in October 
Write 10 things you are grateful for each week in October