Tue, Nov 29, 2022

8 AM – 10 PM MST (GMT-7)

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Finishers get a COLOSSUS T-shirt. Sizes Limited Take the Challenge.You have the whole month of NOVEMBER to finish this event. Run: 26 miles Bike: 112 miles Row: 25,000 meters or 15.53 Miles Stair Master: 1000 floors QR code on the posters takes you to were you keep your data Questions: contact robisonl@byui.edu. To register: Visit: https://campusrec.byui.edu/Program/GetProgramDetails?courseId=66502c36-8687-4b01-85d9-271a66e4a99c&semesterId=2679e86a-35db-45af-9218-0363fad4abb8.